What Is an Initial Public Offering (IPO)?

An initial public offering, or IPO, is the first sale of a company’s stock to the public. It is considered a milestone event for entrepreneurial companies, signaling to the world that the company has made it as a business. “Going public” with an IPO provides benefits but also imposes certain burdens on the company. Individual investors rarely get in on IPOs but can buy into the stock as soon as it starts public exchange trading.



Why Go Public

Companies go public with an IPO to raise money by issuing stock. A public company gains access to capital to fuel further growth and provide liquidity.

IPO Downside

Public companies face intense pressure to meet short-term earnings estimates of market analysts, which can make it tougher to manage the company for long-term growth.

IPO Stock Flipping

Flipping IPO stock loosely follows the house-flipping model: Buy low, sell high. An investor can purchase IPO securities while they’re “hot” and right out of the starting gate

Executing an IPO

The company doing an IPO selects an underwriting syndicate made up of groups of investment banks or brokerages to handle the IPO.

Effect on Investors

Individual investors normally don’t get in on good IPOs. If a new issue is particularly hot, retail brokers may only have a limited number of IPO shares.

IPO Further Defined

Once a company makes the decision to go public, it will have to take some clearly defined steps to remove itself from the private realm


Key technological achievements

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